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Camera Package #1 (SDX or HDX)
Panasonic SDX900 (standard definition) or Panasonic HX900 (high definition) with Wide Angle Fuji HD Lens 16x6.3
Format: SDX shoots 4x3 or 16x9 Standard definition at 25 or 50mbps. HDX shoots 11 formats on DVCPro medium size tape (33 minutes), PAL or NTSC at 100mbps, 8-bit, 4:2:2 at 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i.
  • Panasonic HDX900P or Panasonic SDX900
  • Wide Angle Fuji HD Lens 16x6.3
  • FS100 harddrive for use with HDX900
  • 3-stage Miller Tripod
  • 3 Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphones
  • Panasonic HD 17" or 8" portable monitor
  • Macintosh laptop with FCP for transferring clips
  • 1 Operator

Rate with Operator: $1200/day
Rental Rate: $350/day

Camera Package #2
Sony PMW XD-CAM EX3 shoots 35mbps.
Format: Shoots 1080 or 720 formats stored on 2 SxS 16gig memory cards. Operator can shoot up to 100 minutes using 35Mbs or 140 minutes at 25Mbs rate. Client provides hard drive for storage of clips.

  • Sony PMW EX3 Camera with wide angle lens
  • 4 SxS Memory Cards - two 32 and two 16 gigs
  • DII Sachtler tripod
  • 2-audio mics
  • 8" Panasonic HD Portable Monitor
  • Macintosh laptop with FCP for transferring clips
  • 1 Operator

Rate with Operator: $850
Rental Rate: $250/day

Camera/Porta-Jib Package #3
Standard Porta-Jib with Reach 57" Boom 72" Weight 60 lbs. and Vector Balancing Bar. For use with Sony EX3 Camera Only. This package includes 2 mandatory operators.

  • Standard Porta-Jib with Spider Dolly with wheels
  • Cartoni Smart Head Underslung/Overslung
  • 12" Riser and 36" Extension Kit
  • Panasonic HD 8" Monitor with Monitor Support Bracket
  • 2 Operators Mandatory for Assemble and Use
  • Sony EX3 Camera
Rate with 2 Operators: $1000/day
Rental Rate (without Camera): $400/day

Camera Package #4
Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm Full-HD with Prime Lenses
Format: 1920 x 1080 HD, Native 23.98p, MPEG-2 Long GOP, 1080/720, Interlace/Progressive Modes, 10-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI out, Genlock,
  • Sony PMW-F3 with 4 Zeiss Primes (85,50,35, 28mm)
  • Sachtler tripod
  • 2-wireless audio mics
  • 4 SxS Memory Cards (two 32Gb and two 16Gb).
  • 1 Operator
Rate with Operator: $850/day
Rental Rate: $250/day

Extras and Rentals

LIGHTING: All Light Kits come with American 120V or European 220V Bulbs. All Kits come with 2 extension cables and 1 power control strip.

1. The Arri Light Kit includes 1K with speed ring with two (small or med) Chimera soft boxes, 2-650w and1-300w, 4 light stands, 3 barn doors, assorted bag of colored gels, roll of soft spun, window roll of blue gel, closepins. $75/day

2. The Kino Interview Light Kit includes 1 2ft 4Bank Fixture, 2 2ft Double Fixtures, 3 Ballasts, 25ft extensions, shipping case, 8-3200K Flourescent bulbs and 8-5500K Fluorescent bulbs. $75/day

3. The Lowell Light Kit includes Four 250w Pro-Lights with 4-way Barndoors, 4 Uni TO Stands, 1 Case, Softspun, and clothes pins. $50/day

4. K 5600 Joker Bug HMI PAR- Joker-Bug 400w Head, Lamp MSR/SE 400W-5600L-700hrs, with Fresnel Frosted Lens with Chimera Soft Box. The Joker-Bug is comparable to a 1500/2000 watt quartz fixture. Takes only 5.5 amps. $75/day

Two C Stands, One Chimera Window Kit with several Patterns and Panel Frame, Six Sandbags, Two Large Green Screens, One Small Green/Blue Screen with Aluminum Frame, power strips and power cords, large blue gels for windows.

2 GOPRO HERO3 CAMERAS: Comes with tackle box full of extra batteries, MicroSDXC cards, underwater housing and dozens of camera mounts inlcuding handlebar/seatpost/head strap/suction cup/chest mount/roll bar/wrist/tripod/curved and flat adhesives and helmut front mount.
Rental Rate: $200/day

SOUND TECH: Experienced operator running a Shure 3-channel mixer, shotgun boom mic with ME66 Mic, Fuzzy Windscreen and headset.
Rate: $450/day

17” Panasonic widescreen High Definition Monitor with two auto-switching SDI/HD-SDI inputs, waveform
monitoring and freeze frame/split screen functions. Best compatible with Panasonic HDX900 camera.
Rental: $50/day

LETUS ULTIMATE DOP ADAPTER with PRIME LENS: An industry leader in light efficiency with only 1/2 stop of light loss. Includes IOC that flips the image upright, ground glass, no vignetting, fully charged battery, 72mm, 77 or 82mm ring design, hex key for adjustment and installation, end caps, silent vibration system that does not interfere with mics. Prime Lens include Nikon 17-35mm F2.8, a 80-200 f2.8 and a Sigma 28-80mm f2.8.
Rate: $100/day
Rental: $100

TRIPODS: One Sachtler FSB-6 tripod with fluid head, one Sachtler FSB-8 with fluid head and one 3-stage Miller 1709 Arrow 40 Solo ENG Carbon Fiber Tripod (12" to more than 65" height range) with Video 18 S1 fluid pan/tilt head with Miller System 390 Medium Duty Solo Pro Dolly.
Rental: $50 for each tripod and or dolly/day

TELEPROMPTER: Large-type 15" teleprompter running on MacBook Pro laptop with Presentation Prompter Software.
Rental: $100/day